When I was referred to the home, I was attending Winfree Academy Charter school. I had only a handful of credits to complete before I accomplished my High School diploma. Shortly after I found out I was expecting, I spoke with my school counselor. I expressed to her that the home I was living in was not suitable for my unborn baby, although I was with a loving and supporting family member. I knew I could give my child so much more.

Not long after I spoke with the director, Marthalicia, and was offered a place to live. Not only was it a home but it was filled with people who were full of love, support, and that their priority was to help mothers in need. There were classes to attend like Spanish, spiritual education which helped me a bunch.

It opened my heart over time and brought me closer to God. As well as support groups, and as well as GEMS. I value you everything that I have been taught and learned from the ladies I lived with as well as from the volunteers. The volunteers were great, also Marthalicia and her husband. They treated all the mothers as their own and that is an amazing bond to have and a relationship that will last forever!

Mater Filius has showed me how to be a loving, strong and respected woman who stand for what she believes in; to always follow my dreams, to love myself and my children, to give back to others and to keep Jesus in my heart forever.

I am greatly thankful from everyone at Mater Filius and I am blessed to continue to grow and be the best mother I can be to my child.



"The Scripture story of John the Baptist’s birth has all the people asking, 'What will this child be?'

(Luke 1:66)


Holy God, does not each mother, from the very first knowing that there is a tiny life within, begin to ask the question: “What will this child be?”


Nor does the mother know. She only knows that she has said YES to a new life—YES with courage, hope, and a love that daily grows".


Sr. Mary Troy

It was another successful Sips for Life, Ladies Afternoon Tea! Thank you to our sponsors, donors, volunteers, and guests for joining us to be part of this unique event. One hundred percent of the proceeds will benefit the expectant mothers and babies at Mater Filius Dallas.

We already started planning next year's Mater Filius Dallas celebration of life. Stay tune and read our quarterly newsletter Notes and Coos; you do not want to miss it!

More information about Sips for Life here.

Watch a reminiscence of 2018 Sips for Life, Ladies Afternoon Tea here.

Thank you to all our friends who stepped up to support our mission of Life and Love for the newborn by donating on North Texas Giving Day! Your gift will help us provide housing, meals, and other basic needs to deserving mothers and babies in the Metroplex.

Spread the word, the need is big! This is our third year of operation and we have already welcomed more than seventeen babies into this world!

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Mater Filius Dallas is a non-profit organization that offers a provisional residence for pregnant women who find themselves without any other means of support. While we are rooted in the Catholic traditions, we welcome deserving expectant mothers regardless of their marital or socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. Mater Filius Dallas is a registered 501(c)3.