“Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles,”

some of them begin with a cup of tea.

Make time for tea and join us for Sips for Life Goes Virtual. Our annual in-person Ladies Afternoon Tea has transformed into the first ever Mater Filius of Dallas virtual event.

Get your whole family involved in watching our lively presentation on

Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 3:00 pm.

No registration needed!

How can you help?

By making a generous donation of:

$50 to provide a welcome kit for a new mom,

$100 to provide a monthly supply of diapers and breastfeeding pads,

$250 to provide meals for moms,

$500 to pay for medical expenses not covered by Medicaid,

$1,000 to cover basic services, maintenance, and essentials,


These are just a few of the house expenses on a regular basis.


What do you Get?

In addition to receiving our love and gratitude, your charitable donation will give you a chance to be a winner when your name is entered in a drawing for these giveaways:


Designer Purse - over $500 value

Personalized Deborah Alcalá Rosary – priceless!

Lancôme Set – $400 value

Kendra Scott - $250 value

Tea Lover Basket – $200 value

Mother Mary Ornament Wreath – $150 value


$25 = 1 chance, $50 = 2 chances, $100 = 4 chances, and so on. The more you give the more chances you get.


Winners will be drawn during the live streaming of Sips for Life Goes Virtual. You need to complete your donation by Sept. 18 to enter your name in the drawing.


What do you need to do before the event?

Open our electronic invitation to the event. If you haven’t sent your donation, you can donate online.

Please share it with your friends and family, and encourage them to participate!

Check your email and text messages for a link to watch Sips for Life Goes Virtual on YouTube. There is no need to donate or register to watch this Live Celebration!

Anyone can join us Live! Donors will be recognized on the live screen.

Subscribe to Mater Filius Dallas YouTube channel to receive notifications and allow us to have a count of the audience.

You don’t have to be a subscriber to watch the event, it's only an invitation.

Help us promote the event by posting photos of past Sips for Life events on social media.

If you are excited about our Sips for Life Goes Virtual Tea as we are LIKE and FOLLOW us on FACEBOOK.

Please use the #SipsForLife on your postings!


What do you need to do the day of the event?

If you subscribed to our YouTube channel, follow the notification and prepare to watch the first ever Sips for Life Goes Virtual on your screen.

Check your email or text, and follow the link on the message to watch Sips for Life Goes Virtual.

Lastly, prepare your cup of tea, relax, and plan to be a winner.

Mater Filius Dallas is a non-profit organization that offers provisional residence to pregnant women who find themselves without any other means of support. While we are rooted in the Catholic traditions, we welcome deserving expectant mothers regardless of their marital or socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. Mater Filius Dallas is a registered 501(c)3.

Contact Us

p: 972.836.9378

​e: info@materfiliusdallas.org



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